S1E3 – Code of Honor

AKA “Ladies Love Cool Lutan.” The Enterprise goes to a place to get a thing and the leader there steals Tasha because she is strong and also because she is white and delightsome, and now she has to fight his dark haired, dark skinned woman for the position of “first wife” which Tasha has no interest in being. This episode manages to be both racist AND sexist – which is pretty impressive for episode three of anything EVER.

S1E1 – Encounter at Farpoint

An argument troll has somehow become a God. The cast of a Terry Gilliam movie puts Picard on trial for humanity being terrible. Riker is already Rikering all over every chair on the ship. There’s a Klingon that looks absolutely nothing like Klingon’s did in the original series. HOLY SHIT THE SHIP COMES APART.

The main plot involves a military contractor that is way too good at building bases ahead of schedule and under budget – suspicious even in the 24th century. I love Wesley Crusher and when I grow up I will marry him and we will have a million star babies that will wear bad sweaters and lycra body suits.