S4E1 – The Best of Both Worlds: Part 2

Right out of the gate Locutus reads the tagline wrong and says “Resistance is hopeless.” Ugh, understudies.

Locutus gets some cybernetic upgrades. Riker wonders how they can fight the Borg, since they now know everything Picard knows. Worf wants us to know “The Borg have neither honor or courage. THAT is our greatest advantage.” I’m starting to understand why Worf gets the crap kicked out of him every episode.

Saucer and main separate, Data and Worf take a shuttle out and beam over to the Borg ship, and succeed in kidnapping Locutus. They hook Data up to interface with Locutus, and it actually reminds me a lot of that scene in Sneakers, where Whistler touches the right node and suddenly all the code for encryption just starts scrolling and they have an NSA backdoor to everything. Man, I love that movie.

So – O’Brien is monitoring tech, Crusher is monitoring health, Troi is standing around pretending she’s useful, and Data’s interfacing when Locutus comes alive. Proving she really does have a purpose, Troi realizes it’s actually Picard, fighting his programming.

“Troi to Bridge – Data has made first contact with Captain Picard.”

That’s a terrific line. I wonder if they’ll ever use that again…

Data is able to infect the Borg collective with a virus – and I want to point out that this is 1990, when most people had no concept of a networked computer virus, and it’s just done so well here – that tells all the Borg on that cube that it is time to sleep.

They all go to sleep. And then we blow them up.