S2E12 – The Royale

The Enterprise finds a piece of a NASA ship on an inhospitable planet, and, upon beaming down, Riker, Data, and Worf find themselves in a casino. Data says they should go back, but Riker has a gambling problem and insists they stay, forcing them all to live through a really crappy pulp novel.


S2E6 – The Schizoid Man

Dr. Ira Graves has a world named after him – Gravesworld. I want a Cheshworld. I feel I deserve it.

There’s a distress call by the USS Constantinople, which is now the USS Istanbul. Every Ensign in Constantinople lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople, so if you’ve a distress call on USS Constantinople it’ll be waiting on USS Istanbul!

Oh, yeah, and it’s another episode about Data being a machine and therefore his body can be hijacked and, honestly? I got caught up in the Constantinople joke and ignored the rest of this episode.