S3E25 – Transfigurations

Geordi is brave, attractive, and utterly bereft of any semblance of game. When the others take shore leave on the Planet of the Thai Whores, Geordi is the designated driver. The goddamned robot has gotten more tail than Geordi.

The Enterprise comes across a damaged messiah in a crash. He heals O’Brien’s shoulder. He literally brings Worf back from the dead after tossing him like a rag doll. And Geordi? Geordi, who lends him his lungs and breathes for him while he’s rushed to sick bay? Geordi who is legit, for life, handicapped in a way that a canoeing injury does not equate? And yeah, he resurrected Worf but it’s not like he fixed his glass-jaw, injured-more-often-than-Michael-Vick problem in general or anything. But the ONE dude with an actual disability? Does he fix his eyesight?

No. No, he gives Geordi the gift of lady-killing. Geordi can’t see, but he can pimp his way across all of Ten Forward.

Fucking confidence.


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