S3E23 – Sarek

Spock’s dad is old, and has Old People Disease, which apparently is part Alzheimer’s/part Asshole Syndrome, and it makes him have the feels. He’s making everyone else on the ship in to an asshole, kind of like that time your grandad got in to the egg nog at Thanksgiving. He mind melds with Picard to get through this, turning our Captain in to a sobbing bitch instead of knocking him out with some hypo spray and letting him catch up on some zzzz’s while Sarak ambassadors and stuff.


S3E21 – Hollow Pursuits

Reginald Barclay is a creepy, creepy little man who creates holodeck simulations of his coworkers so that he can woo and belittle them as he sees fit. Troi is absolutely terrible at her job and has no clue he’s got a big ol’ crush on her. She is the worst psychiatrist in ten star systems. I wish Wesley had stuffed Barclay out an airlock.

When Windows 10 releases, you can actually remake this episode in your holographic headset, starring you as Barclay, and it will be just as fucking creepy.