S3E11 – The Hunted

James Cromwell has a mustache!

A prisoner escapes from a planet we’re visiting. He’s not a prisoner so much as a genetically modified super soldier engineered to fight wars for the bourgeoisie who then discard him and his kind on a planet to fend for themselves. You know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you enhance to be the Predator.

S3E5 – The Bonding

Worf leads an away team and a red shirt dies. She had a young son on the Enterprise, and Wesley feels bad, because his Dad died when he was young, and Worf feels superbad because both his parents died when he was young, and the inhabitants of the planet feel superduperWAYbad about it, and why in the Hell is Jeremy the most consoled kid on the Enterprise? Seriously. I refuse to get this worked up over the death of a character with less than 10 minutes screen time, introduced this episode.