S2E21 – Peak Performance

Battleship! In part because we recently met the Borg, Starfleet has mandated a battle simulation, pitting Picard and the Enterprise against Riker and a Rust Bucket. Seriously, the USS Hathaway is 80 years old. It’s like Jennifer Lawrence¬†fighting Betty White – they’re both totally capable and up to their jobs, but there’s only one of them you’d wanna bang.

Data learns fallibility. Wesley learns treachery, cheating, and improvisation. Worf learns arts and crafts. The Ferengi learn they are just the dumbest recurring enemy on this show.


2 thoughts on “S2E21 – Peak Performance”

  1. You forgot the most important part of the episode! That squiggy ( from Laverne and Shirley ) learned the valueable lesson of getting his ass kicked on the 24th century equivalent of the Atari 2600!!

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