S2E20 – The Emissary

Sisko! No, no. We are seven long years away from that awesomeness.

The Enterprise is on a super top secret double probation mission, but to get the details of this mission they first have to find a key, a note, and a minor boss – K’Ehleyr, who arrives in a bitchin’ special probe outfitted to transport one person at warp 9. K’Ehleyr is half Klingon, half Human, and all about Worf.

Seventy five years ago the Klingons sent a battle cruiser to the farthest Federation outpost to straight up kill some shit. Of course, the Klingons and the Federation have been besties for 72 years, and the Klingons on that battle cruiser have been asleep this whole time, and are just about to wake up, so whoops!

“Blah blah blah we can’t concentrate on our jobs because we have feelings.” Worf and K’Ehleyr do it just to break the tension. Worf devises a cunning ruse to convince the battle cruiser to play nice, without any bloodshed. Everyone is happy and does the Ewok dance.


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