S2E18 – Up The Long Ladder

Worf has the measles, because apparently the Klingon’s are anti-vaxxers. The Enterprise saves a colony and their livestock, because what’s a childhood disease story without farm animals? Riker hires an Irish maid, and I think you can tell where this storyline is going.

Then the Enterprise finds a colony of clones, because if we have dirty farm folk we must counter balance with shiny technology. The clones are awful (aren’t they always?) and steal DNA from Riker and Pulaski. Only one of those makes any sense.

And hence we arrive at the crux of the story: the dirty farming colony has no place to live, and the awful clones need fresh DNA. This episode shows Pulaski completely respecting the Klingon culture, just to turn around and parade a whiskey drinking, Irish, backward, farming stereotype as the protagonist in this tale, and then juxtaposes it with the sci-fi trope of the unfeeling, advanced clone. I wish the writers would figure out what the fuck they are aiming for because you get awesome episodes like “Q Who” and terrific side stories like the one with Pulaski and Worf here but it’s buried in a mountain of stupid, bad, rote storytelling that makes me want to throw things at my TV.


One thought on “S2E18 – Up The Long Ladder”

  1. We should make a new internet meme…

    It’s a screen cap of Riker and a woman, and the text is “I’ve seen enough TNG to know where this is going “

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