S2E9 – The Measure Of A Man

Oh, goody, another episode debating if Data is a sentient life form or just a cold machine! Man, these will never get old.


4 thoughts on “S2E9 – The Measure Of A Man”

  1. You know what makes these episodes fresh and new? The ones where Data tries to tell a joke. How that horse rose from the dead (IN THE WRITERS’ HEADS ONLY) over and over is beyond me.

  2. In an earlier episode, I said “Data learns comedy from Joe Piscopo and Whoopi Goldberg. This has never, in recorded history, ended well for anyone.” This is a truth that holds up across the entire series.

    It’s like the writers said “You know what is funny and in no way awkward? When someone tries to tell a joke and it totally fails and falls flat. I mean HA HA, am I right?”

  3. I’m watching this episode right now and I can’t stop laughing every time they say”jagoffices” and “jagofficer.” As in, yinz are a bunch a jagoffices.

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