S4E15 – First Contact

Riker boldly goes where no man has gone before and gets him some Arkonian tail before that species even develops warp technology. James T. Kirk feels a great disturbance in the force.
Can I also just say that whole thing seriously creeped me out? I mean, it’s using sexual exploitation and blackmail and it’s supposed to be funny because the tables are turned and it’s a woman (Bebe Neuwirth!!!) forcing the man, but at its core, Riker is a hostage being forced to have sex for his freedom. It’s sexual violence.

S4E14 – Clues

The Enterprise goes through a minor wormhole. Everyone takes a nap. Picard abdicates his mission to “seek out new life and new civilizations” the moment he meets a new life that doesn’t wanna be met. “Hey, why don’t you screw with the essential rights of all beings aboard this ship by wiping their memories (TWICE) and altering computer records to look like we were never here?”